Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cap Coho

Well there is a first for everything, and today was the first day I had fished the Capilano River (aside from fishing the mouth,  which I have done a few times). I got to the river at an ungodly, early hour in the morning and hiked in to find a spot. I did a lot of walking and found some beautiful places to fish but alas I could not hook into an early run coho on the fly or drifting roe. I know the coho are in there,  I saw a few splash and a few shadows swimming in the depths. Not to mention when the day was done I took a walk into the hatchery and saw some beauties in the fish ladder.
It was a nce peaceful morning out and I was fortunate not to see any rain. Maybe next weekend I will head back there and give the river a second try.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Busy weekend

Well this weekend was a busy one. Saturday was my daughter's 4th birthday and Sunday was Mother's Day. The birthday girl requested a fishing trip with her dad... obviously I "reluctantly" accepted... Ha! Actually I was excited to take her. Taking my kids fishing is so much fun and very rewarding when you see the look on their faces when they catch or help catch a fish. This weekend was no different. We caught two fish. The first was a 3 foot sturgeon,  a rather scrappy one,  which my daughter eagerly pet and said hello with before we sent it back into the river. The second was a 5 foot sturgeon that she did not want to go near. I suppose when the fish you land is bigger than you,  it can be a little intimidating. Both fish were caught on eulechon and put up a great fight. I'd like to thank my youngest daughter for helping me land the fish by lending me her strong muscles and holding the rod with me.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

A hot day on the river

Last week was one of those rare weeks that I dont get out fishing. So this week I was eager to get out. Currently we are experiencing our first batch of hot weather for 2013. Boy was it hot on the river today!  I decided sturgeon would be the target species of the day so I went to my usual spot in Maple Ridge. Unfortunately,  despite getting up early,  someone beat me to my usual spot so I had to make due with a more snaggy spot just up stream. Well fortune was on my side as I hooked and landed a 3 1/2 footer on half an eulechon within 15 minutes of wetting my line. Then.... nothing... so I switched baits to roe... nothing. .. so I switched to lamprey... nothing... back to eulechon.... nothing... The day went on and it got hotter and hotter. Despite the fact I slathered myself in sunscreen a few times during the day,  I could feel myself burning. The guys who beat me to my spot were now leaving. They were skunked. I decided to move down stream to my usual hole,  right where the other two had been all day. I told myself one cast to see if they missed anything and then im heading home. Long story short, I pulled a very healthy,  plump, 5 footer. I had hooked it in less than twenty minutes of trying my usual spot. Again,  the bait was eulechon. And that is why I like that location,  it seems to produce some decent sized fish on a regular basis. Anyway,  next weekend is going to be a busy one but hopefully I will get out. I might take my kids sturgeon fishing if the weather cooperates.